Sunday, December 20, 2009

Your host...Miss Direction

Miss Direction

Hello my apprentices of life!

Welcome to my class.

Firstly it must be said that I can bewitch as well as become bewitched.

I have the most original, the most weird and the most scandalous fantasies. Indeed, it's very difficult to shock me. In my reveries, everything is possible - except that I have no taste for the morbid and the pernicious. No, my imagination frenzies, even though it often cross the frontiers of the forbidden, but are always accompanied by a good dose of tenderness and respect for the others. In my fantasies, there is love between many persons, there's also love between men or between women. But such scenarios are by no means depraved. What's important for me is to meet together, to love together, even though this may disturb conventional people.

Many say that I'm a little foolish and they are not wrong! Indeed, I'm often disconnected from reality, I act in a fancy manner, and only want to do what nobody has ever done. I carry very far my desire to single myself out of the flock. I ostentatiously show I'm non-conformism on all occasions, not hesitating to verge on anarchism and provocation. But my personality is more picturesque than irritating, more delicious than disturbing, and devoid of all malice and all wickedness.

As your host, be prepared to laugh, cry, faint, orgasm, scream, taste, serve, delight and be punished. Class is in session kids so hold onto your hats!

Miss Direction
(You give me fever!)

Introducing... Dr Sketchy's Adelaide

Dames ~ Drinks ~ Drawing ~ Divas ~ Debauchery & Miss Direction!

Dr. Sketchy’s is the little Brooklyn event that became a movement!!!

Founded in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple, and opening in Adelaide in February 2010 Dr. Sketchy’s asks a simple question. Why can’t life drawing be fun & sexy?

Here’s our attempt at an answer.

We are combing Adelaide to find the most beautiful burlesque dancers, circus freaks, fetish models, and more. Then, once a month, starting in Feb 2010 we are going to let you draw them! Interspersed with posing are drawing contests judged by the models themselves where you can win a variety of prizes. And of course our art monkeys are treated to a performance by our models!

Dr Sketchy’s is about the chance to sketch something a little out of the ordinary, models that are glamorous, extraordinary, unique or unusual – if they’re naked, they’re just the same as any other life model, right? At Dr Sketchy’s you might get the chance draw burlesque bombshells, glittering showgirls, circus performers, body builders, drag queens, professional dancers, sideshow oddities, a fabulous costume, fascinating props or some astounding physical skills! Isn’t that more fun than a birthday suit?

Dr Sketchy's is held in a funky venue where the general public are invited to draw the entertainment. Your host ~ Miss Direction ~ runs the 3 hour event that consists of a series of poses and burlesque / cabaret entertainment with prizes (donated by sponsors) that anyone can win... "Best Left-handed Draw", "Best Stick-man Interpretation" to name a few.

Dr Sketchy's creates a buzz in each of the cities it is held in, not too mention the scads of media attention for its combination of burlesque and art...and subsequently the bonus positive publicity venues receive for holding such an event!

What can you do to help us create this buzz and to make our opening night a success!?

Well, to start, make this blog known to anyone you think could be interested! Tattooists, graffiti artists, visual artists, cabaret, burlesque, physical theatre and circus fans! Also, we are in the process of creating blogs, twitter accounts, facebook pages and the like. Right now you can "become a fan" of Dr Sketchy's Adelaide & Miss Direction to keep up to date with all the goss and to find out about our upcoming media publicity stunts!!!

We are currently looking for models and performers, so register your details by sending us an email!

See you around never know where we'll pop up!